Arsen V. Baziyants

An immigration lawyer in Las Vegas, Arsen V. Baziyants serves individuals, families and companies in Las Vegas and throughout the world with various immigration cases: permanent residency (green cards), visas, work permits, citizenship, waivers, and more.

We are not a "full service" law firm; instead we practice exclusively immigration law and handle only select immigration matters to ensure that we advocate for our clients' specific interests with the highest degree of focus, knowledge and skill.

Immigration is complicated. The law or the involved government agencies can be unforgiving of the smallest mistake. An outcome of an immigration application or petition can make a crucial difference in one's life, career or opportunities in the United States. Understandably, many people do not engage in self-help and are prudent to seek professional help of an immigration attorney. 

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If you need an attorney in Las Vegas or Henderson area to assist you with an immigration matter, you have found one. You have also found an immigration attorney who knows from his own experience exactly what it is like to come to these shores as an immigrant and to try - and not without a battle - to secure a lawful immigration status. 

I am now a U.S. citizen and U.S. immigration lawyer, but there was a time when I struggled to immigrate to the U.S. and was in great need of a competent immigration lawyer myself. I hoped to find an attorney who does not only know the law, but puts in the effort to understand and thoughtfully consider the details and special circumstances of your situation; an advocate who is vigilant about helping you throughout the representation; a professional who has the modesty to admit what he or she does not know for certain (in such a complex and ever-evolving area of law as immigration and nationality), and the diligence to find the answer; a counsel who always recommends the most prudent course of action, even if not the most profitable for him or her; and a person who can relate to your concerns and aspirations, and who can appreciate what is at stake for you - often times, quite literally, your life in the United States. 

I strive to offer my clients what I hoped to find in an immigration attorney when I really needed one - a full-hearted commitment to advise, assist and advocate. 

Arsen V. Baziyants

  • Admitted to practice in the State of Nevada since 2008 (Bar # 11052)
  • Graduate of the City University of New York School of Law, J.D., 2008 
  • Graduate of the University of Nevada Las Vegas, B.A. in Philosophy, 2004 
  • Member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association 
  • Practicing exclusively immigration & nationality law for over 8 years
  • Fluent in Russian and Armenian